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Many Moons are travel planners and experts in tailor-made travel.  Our focus is on experiential travel, where an authentic connection with your local destination is at the core of what we do. We go beyond the bounds of the travel guides and glossy brochures. Our experiential travel itineraries will immerse you in exotic and wonderful destinations.  Not only that, you’ll live like a local and discover hidden gems regular tourists don’t often get to see.

Your trip will be unique and personalised so you can cherry-pick your perfect destination, accommodation and excursions.

We work with people on the ground at your destination of choice, which means your itinerary will be carefully crafted with local  knowledge.


You love to travel.

It’s an escape from your daily life. A departure from humdrum routines, your stressful job and the pressure of your family commitments.

It’s the thrill of exploring new and far-flung destinations. Above all, it’s the joy of being introduced to intriguing cultures, amazing places and fascinating people.

It’s your time to relax and recharge, reset and refocus. To pause for breath and gaze in wonder. To laugh, love and truly feel alive.

That’s what experiential travel is.


Your dream holiday can take a lot of thought and planning, especially if you are looking for experiential travel that’s authentic and personalised. You might have an idea of the destination, but not what it has to offer. Or you might know the experience you’re looking for, but not where to find it.

Choosing a destination and booking your flights, transfers, accommodation and excursions can be overwhelming and exhausting. So, leave the travel planning to us.

We are expert travel planners, so when you book your trip with Many Moons, we’ll take care of everything. From helping you understand what you want from your holiday, to finding your perfect location and making all the arrangements.

About Many Moons
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Special Moons

Experiential travel designed for couples and small groups of up to four people.

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A honeymoon couple’s dream, brought to life with exclusive, personalised and experiential travel.

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Solo Moons

Travelling alone doesn’t have to be lonely. Find company, enjoy your own company or find a perfect balance.

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