Why does experiential travel matter to local people and the environment?

We spoke to three experiential travel experts to give us their views on how experiential travel really does make a difference to the locals and the natural environment.

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How Experiential Travel Can Be A Force For Good

Sometimes it’s hard to believe how just one person can make much of a difference. But it's possible, even while travelling. Find out more about how experiential travel can be harnessed as a force for good.

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How Covid Will Affect Experiential Travel in the Future?

The global pandemic has changed the world. In both foreseen and unforeseen ways. We spoke to two experience-based travel experts to give their opinions on what lies ahead for this niche of the travel industry.

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What are the top 3 experiential travel trends for 2021

Experiential travel is a niche that's growing and evolving. We spoke with four travel bloggers and experiential travel experts to give us their insights into the top experiential travel trends in 2021.

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5 Ways to Support Local Communities When Travelling Abroad

Giving back to the local community when you are abroad is a great way to feel a deeper connection with the land and its people. But sometimes finding the right project to support can be tricky. Here are five projects you can feel good about.

Experience-based Travel | A Travel Industry Shift

Modern travellers are craving something more. They want more immersive experiences that go further and deeper, telling the real stories behind their destinations and the people who live there. Find out why mindful travel is a rising travel trend.

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10 Ways Solo Travel Teaches You About Yourself

Solo travel is a wholly unique experience that offers deep insights. It teaches you things about yourself and the world in a way no other travel can. Thinking about going it alone? Here's why it's really great.

Experience-Based Travel For Honeymoons in Portugal

Experience-based travel is a travel trend that's shaking up traditional travel and that includes honeymoon experiences. Want to know what Portugal has to offer? Read on.

5 Sustainable Travel Tips | Travel More Sustainably

By taking some simple steps, you can travel sustainably, have an amazing holiday and keep your carbon footprint low — regardless of how far you go. Here are 5 sustainable travel tips to help you while travelling.

Surfing in The Philippines – A Beginner’s Experience

The utopian, tear-shaped island of Siargao, off the eastern seaboard of the Philippines, is perfect for a beginner surfer. If you are looking to try your hand at surfing for the first time, there is no better place.

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