Did you know that just over half of the population in the UK is married?  That means that finding the perfect honeymoon destination can be a little more challenging.

One of the most exciting parts of a marriage is the honeymoon. But with so many destinations to choose from, making a final decision isn’t always easy – and that’s exactly what we want to help you with.

Keep reading to find out how to choose the perfect honeymoon destination.

1. Set Your Budget

Just like with any other trip you might plan, you’ll need to establish a budget for your honeymoon. In fact, in this case, you should be even more cautious not to end up overspending, as planning the wedding ceremony itself isn’t exactly cheap.

If you want your honeymoon to be absolutely unforgettable and you have the budget for it, awesome. If not, remember that you can always do some crowdfunding using websites such as GoFundMe.

Either way, just remember the two rules of thumb for this first step: your budget needs to be realistic and you have to stick with it.

2. Choose the Type of Trip You Want to Go on

Although a wedding is a romantic occasion, your honeymoon doesn’t necessarily need to be. Our tip is that you treat it just like you’d treat any other trip.  So if you and your partner have a particular interest or you’ve been talking about going to a specific type of place for a while… take this opportunity.

If you need some ideas, these types of trips always make for remarkable honeymoons:

  • Relaxing

Are you and your partner always busy? Then a relaxing honeymoon on the beach is exactly what you need. Places like the Bahamas or Indonesia would be a great choice.

  • Adventurous

Whether you’re both adventure seekers or you want to experience something completely out of your comfort zone, with an adventurous honeymoon you’ll certainly make some amazing memories. Our suggestions? Morocco or Australia!

  • Romantic

If you want to keep it classic and have a honeymoon that’s all about love and romance, there are many cities where you’ll feel on cloud nine, such as Paris or Rome!

3. Make a List of Unique Honeymoon Destinations

Once you’ve decided on your budget and type of trip, it’s time for the fun part: start looking at destinations.

Chances are that you’ll start off with a big list of destinations and that’s great. The first step to start shortening your list is to exclude any spots that aren’t within your budget and for that, you’ll need to take a look at flights, accommodation and general cost of living.

Once that’s done, do some research on each of the remaining destinations to understand the type of activities and experiences you can have there. After some time, one of the spots will stand out and you’ll have found your honeymoon destination.

4. Make Your Itinerary

By making an itinerary of your trip you can ensure that you make the most of every second during your honeymoon. This itinerary doesn’t have to be that detailed, but we recommend you make a list of spots you definitely want to visit.

Time to Pack Your Bags

Once you’ve looked through countless unique honeymoon destinations and finally made your decision, there are only two things left to do: pack your bags and count the days until your flight.

If you’d like a hand booking your trip, we’d love to help you plan an off-the-beaten-track, experiential honeymoon that you’ll never forget. Send us a message to get a free quote!