Travelling solo is an adventure like no other. After all, who wouldn’t like the opportunity to explore the world on their own terms?  But how do you make friends while travelling solo?   After all, it’s nice to be able to meet some friends while you’re jet setting around the world. Travelling alone doesn’t mean you have to be lonely.

Here’s a rundown on how to make friends while travelling alone.  Let’s get started.

Act Approachable

One of the most important steps you can take to make friends while travelling alone is to be approachable with your body language.  For starters, avoid being glued to your electronics. If you are constantly focusing on updating social media or listening to music with your phone, many people will ignore you.  Also, try to avoid crossing your arms and legs. This tells people that you don’t want them to bother you, even if that’s not actually the case for you.

And don’t forget to smile. #cheese

Be Spontaneous When Travelling Around the World

Another way to make friends while travelling solo is to be open and flexible with your schedule. Yes, it’s okay to have a travel plan. But try not to plan every single minute of each day. This will give you more opportunities to breathe and thus focus on building relationships, rather than simply getting to your next destination.

Become Familiar with the Language Used at Your Destination

Having a basic comprehension of the language used at your destination can be extremely helpful for making friends there.  Yes, you may feel embarrassed by not being able to speak the language fluently. But if you to attempt to speak it, the people around you will appreciate the effort you’re making.  So, try to sharpen your language skills while travelling. You may be surprised by how many friendships you develop as a result.

Don’t Be Afraid to Be a Conversation Starter While in Transit

You can meet interesting individuals before you every step foot in the city you’re visiting. So, don’t be fearful of striking up conversations with the people you’re travelling beside. The reality is that people from every walk of life travel for various reasons. As a result, you may end up travelling beside anybody. And you can learn a lot from that person. So, simply ask them if they are travelling for pleasure or business. This one question may open the door to a friendship that will last a lifetime.

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How We Can Help You to Master How to Travel the World

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