You’re experiencing a midlife crisis and you realise that getting away is the only way you’ll get through it. Or, maybe you’re ready to celebrate your next big birthday with the trip of a lifetime.  Either way, what you are looking for is that special occasion trip.

However, one key question races through your excited yet anxious mind: “Where should I travel?”

Perhaps you’re interested in embarking on a journey to a place you’ve never experienced before. Or, perhaps you’d rather stick with a place you know very well. Either option can be a good one depending on your needs and interests, as well as the following criteria.

Here’s a rundown on how to pick a destination for your special occasion trip.

Let’s get started.

Travelling with a Significant Other

If you’re interested in going on a trip with your significant other, especially around Valentine’s Day, either Venice or Paris may be the perfect option.

These cities are beautiful locations to visit, particularly at night, when the lights are dazzling. And the romantic atmosphere often associated with these are like no other.

Travelling with an Interest in Nature

If you love building your solo trips around natural attractions, then you may want to keep East Asia on your radar, particularly in the springtime. Japan is well known for its budding sakura, or cherry blossoms. And Taiwan’s Alishan is an attractive pink shade in the month of March.

Also, if you prefer to travel to Europe, consider visiting the Netherlands, whose tulip season officially begins in March. You’ll see rows upon rows of blooming tulips, and you’ll get to walk across fields that are rainbow-coloured. You can’t ask for a more breathtaking view.

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Travelling with a Focus on Relaxing

If you’d like to take a much-needed holiday with your family, especially in the summer, then beaches should be your priority. So, consider paying a visit to Bali, which is always an excellent location for a getaway that is stress-free. Or, if you prefer a more mainstream destination, you can’t beat Florida, which offers a number of exciting social events and beach parties.

Fiji is another popular option for those interested in snorkelling and diving among glorious coral reefs.

How We Can Help with Answering the Question “Where Should I Travel?”

We offer top-of-the-line holiday planning services designed to give our clients original experiences that speak to them.

For instance, we can help you to plan the honeymoon of your dreams. Or, we can plan that solo escape you’ve always wanted to try.

What sets us apart? We work collaboratively with locals and insiders across the globe to give you an unforgettable, immersive trip. In other words, you can rest assured that the trip we plan for you one is one you’ll never forget and for all the right reasons.

Get in touch with us to finally answer the question “Where should I travel” and start planning your best trip yet in 2020.