Experience the joys of a solo holiday


A Solo Moon is a personalised, experiential travel experience, designed exclusively for you. It’s the solo holiday you’ve been dreaming of, giving you the freedom to decide how you spend your time and the confidence to go out on your own if you choose to.

This is your opportunity to do exactly as you please. To have original, authentic adventures and to make
incredible memories. Whether that’s by yourself; with likeminded tourists who share your travel ambitions; or with inspiring locals, who call your destination their home.

Solo holidays don’t have to be lonely. It’s about connecting with the right people at the right times.

Man in red hat standing on a rock overlooking beach, ocean and mountains
woman in straw hat and stripey t-shirt smiling on a beach


If you’re travelling alone, you may have been led to believe that the only safe options are communal hostels, or being tied to a mainstream tourist group. But these holidays can be restrictive, and you could end up making sacrifices and compromises that ultimately leave you feeling disappointed.

What if you crave more space and the kind of luxury a communal hostel doesn’t offer? Or you’re looking for a solo holiday that’s more of an experiential travel experience: a chance to truly connect with your environment and immerse yourself in local culture?

Maybe you have niche interests or ambitions that the main tours don’t cater for. Perhaps you would appreciate some much-needed solitude. Or maybe you just want a solo trip that’s on your own terms.


Your Solo Moon is yours and yours alone, so you can be as self-indulgent as you choose to be. You can plan your excursions to suit yourself and sleep in if you want to. Connect with others when you want company and disconnect when you would prefer to be alone.

Many Moons makes solo travel easy and stress-free. Every aspect of your trip — from your flights, transfers and accommodation; to your personalised concierge service and excursions — will be
meticulously planned and booked for you.

With our solo holidays, you can travel independently and confidently, knowing a warm welcome awaits you and that there will always be people on hand when you need them.

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